Successful WeChat Community Promotion for Squid Grow


In this case study, we will explore the effective WeChat community promotion campaign conducted by Cryptochina Marketing Agency for Squid Grow, a revolutionary meme coin with a strong backing from Shibtoshi, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry. By leveraging a package that included promotion in 300 WeChat communities, each with 400-500 active members, Squid Grow gained significant exposure in China. Let’s dive into the details of this case study to understand the outcomes achieved through this targeted marketing approach.

Client Background:

  • Project Name: Squid Grow
  • Objective: Increase exposure and engagement for Squid Grow in the Chinese market
  • Contract: 0x88479186BAC914E4313389a64881F5ed0153C765
  • Coinscope Audit + Promotion, CMC listing, CZ Twitter engagement
  • Listed on, MEXC, Bitrue, BigONE, Bitmart, Bkex, LBank, and 4 other top-tier exchanges

WeChat Community Promotion Package:

  • 300 WeChat communities promotion
  • Each community has 400-500 active members
  • Content posted in all communities for maximum exposure

Content Description:


☎️电报:[Insert Telegram URL]






  1. Increased Exposure and Brand Awareness:
  • The WeChat community promotion package enabled Squid Grow to reach a vast Chinese audience of active members in 300 communities, resulting in increased exposure and brand awareness.
  • The content, highlighting the exclusive involvement of Shibtoshi, the game concept, and the strong financial support, attracted the attention of Chinese investors and crypto enthusiasts.
  1. Community Engagement and Interaction:
  • The promotion in WeChat communities fostered engagement and interaction among members who showed interest in Squid Grow.
  •  Users had the opportunity to join the project’s Telegram group and access the contract details, enhancing transparency and trust.


The WeChat community promotion campaign conducted by Cryptochina Marketing Agency played a pivotal role in enhancing the exposure and brand awareness of Squid Grow in the Chinese market. By leveraging the active members of 300 WeChat communities, Squid Grow successfully reached its target audience, attracting attention with the exclusive involvement of Shibtoshi, game concept, and significant financial support. This case study exemplifies the power of targeted community promotion in achieving marketing success for emerging meme coins like Squid Grow.